Eliminate costly assembling, welding, rework and finishing operations. Get three-dimensional metal reproductions in a few days perfectly smooth and without porosity.

Jewelery casting

Lost wax casting

Lost wax casting or "investment casting" is a particular technique for faithfully reproducing complicated metal parts, advantageously replacing lengthy assembly operations.

The original model, handmade or 3D printed, is faithfully reproduced in wax. The copies obtained will then be coated in ceramic and cooked for many hours allowing the wax to flow, leaving in its place the imprint that will then be filled by the molten metal.

Railway or naval modeling? 

Model railway parts, ship friezes, aircraft propellers, car windshield wipers, tank tracks or tractor cabs ...

Faithfully reproduce every detail in perfect scale, in brass or nickel silver, without compromise.


Naval modeling
Fashion accessories

Fashion accessories

Free your imagination and reproduce any shape, just a sketch can be enough! Get now smooth or detailed metal parts, easy to weld and polish!

Nickel free and perfectly compatible with any galvanic or cataphoresis treatment.

Glasses components

Embellishers, snouts, noses, hinges, temples and terminals, also in innovative materials completely free from lead, beryllium, cadmium and nickel.

Quickly sample new models without design limitations, with functional and definitive prototypes, and launch production immediately.


Eyewear casting
Casting for keys, oboe and clarinets

Oboe, clarinets, flutes, English horns

For over 30 years we have revolutionized the construction system of key wind instruments, with perfect, smooth and porosity-free castings.

Even a pencil sketch with the main dimensions is enough, and in a few days the keys are ready to assemble.


In the art history

For at least 6000 years the lost wax casting method has been known and widespread all over the world.

The archaeological sites have brought to light fascinating and perfectly preserved artifacts that tell us the story from Egypt to Vietnam, from Greece to Pakistan and up to all the most ancient civilizations.


Lost wax casting

and much more...

Watch cases, drone parts, micromechanics, medals, antiques, .... Just a sketch, a drawing or obviously a pdf file. .ai .cdr .3dm .dxf .dwg .stl .iges but also an original model.

In a few days we can reproduce any object, from a few mm up to 70 mm, with thicknesses starting from 0.40 mm, in brass, nickel silver, bronze or special alloys. Always free from cadmium and lead.