Quanto costa un componente in fotoincisione o microfusione? Cosa sono le spese di impianto? E il costo di spedizione? Calcola i prezzi di fotoincisioni e microfusioni in tempo reale, e verifica la available materials nella sezione dedicata. fotoincisione prezzi, microfusione prezzi

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photo etching prices

Choose the technology...

  • photoetching, cutting and etching from plates up 2 mm thickness
  • casting, tridimensional components no matter the shape
  • electroforming, logos and decorations very thin and self-adhesive
  • laser cut, pieces cut from plates up 4 mm thickness
    photo etching prices

Choose the metal ...

  • brass, malleable, weldable with tin or silver, easily to be polished
  • nickel alloys, white and polishable, corrosion resistant, good conductors, weldable
  • bronze, good conductor, color and oxidation characteristic
  • steels, stainless steels, soft, hard, flexible or shiny
  • copper beryllium , conductor and temperable for hardness up to 400HV

Sizes in mm ...

To calculate the price it is necessary to consider some variables according to technology, materials and thicknesses, summarized in these notes:

  • photo etching, electroforming, laser cut, it's necessary to leave 5 mm edge on each side of the plate 
    Photoetching plate useful dimensions

(for example, a 100x300 mm slab will have a useful cutting space of 90x290 mm)

  • casting,  the volume of the parallelepiped that can contain the piece is calculated, i.e. maximum length, width and height (minimum 5 mm, maximum 70 mm for each side). 
    Casting, volume calculation

For complex components, or composed of several parts, it is also necessary to include the casting channel.

Choose the type of engraving ... (only for photoetching)

  • standard, cut + etchings depth up to 50% from the plate thickness, on both sides
  • asymmetric, cut + etchings depth up to 35% on front and 65% on the back of the plate
  • double, cut + double etching, first up 50%, the second up 0.10 mm, on both sides.

Quantity ...

prices are calculated based on the quantities ordered for each item, with discounts of up to 20%

Artwork preparation ...

for the production of any component it is necessary to set up a digital artwork, which you pay only once for each item, and does not have to be paid back in case of subsequent reorderings if no changes are required.

  • standard, made from definitive and vector drawings provided by the customer
  • adaptation by third parties, films supplied by the customer
  • design, or incomplete or non-vector drawings, photography, original models.(in this case send us the material and you will receive a quote in a few hours)

Shipment ...

  • standard,  the material is ready in about 15 working days and shipped by international couriers. 
  • urgent delivery? contact our commercial service

Calculate taxes ...

  • client UE private, VAT 19% is applied
  • client UE company, VAT not applied if a valid VAT number is provided
  • client extra UE, VAT not applicable 

Some questions?

 The prices of the components calculated on this page are indicative and non-binding, net of VAT, any customs taxes and transport costs. Packing fees and fees for payments with PayPal or credit card are always included.
To obtain a detailed and definitive offer, please contact our customer service. 
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