The environmental disaster that is now invading every corner of our planet, and the complete absence of adequate policies, cannot remove the companies from the serious responsibilities that they have contributed significantly to the degradation of the environment since the beginning of the industrial era.

Our commitment translates into an increasingly rigid and selective company policy towards polluting products and technologies.


All the waters used in the technological processes are treated and filtered in our modern purification plant.

We are implementing a complete wastewater recovery and reuse system within the production process.


The vapors from the washing and engraving tanks, while not representing an objective problem for the environment, are however treated by a washing system of scrubber filters.

The residual water is then in any case conveyed to the purification plant.

Chemical substances
The use of nitric acid, cyanides, hydrofluoric acids, surfactants and solvents has always been prohibited in the company. Metal cleaning is mainly achieved with citric acid, sodium carbonate, highly diluted hydrochloric acid, ethyl alcohol, sandblasting and brushing (without chemical adjuvants).

The exhausted ferric chloride used for the chemical engraving of the plates is suitably treated by a specialized company.

The possibility of regenerating it in the production process or of reusing it as a coagulant for water treatment in large purification stations is being studied.

Raw material

All of our metals are lead and cadmium free.

Since 2018 we have developed alternative copper alloys with hardnesses over 200 HV to replace the alloys with beryllium.

All metal scraps and scraps are melted and recycled..


Since 2018, the dimensions of the boxes have been resized and plastic adhesive tapes, polystyrene fillers and polyurethane foams have been gradually eliminated.

Currently we only use packaging and fillers produced with recycled cardboard, without coloring. The tapes are made of recycled paper reinforced with glass fibers and with adhesives of vegetable origin.

In 2020 we also plan to eliminate the transparent films used to seal the plates, to arrive at a 100% recycled and recyclable packaging.


We do not work or use plastic materials, however we try to sensitize all employees to a conscious and minimized use of bottles, plates, glasses, gloves and any other "disposable" product that is not made of perfectly biodegradable or biocompatible material.


The consumption of electricity represents a significant environmental impact. Since 2018 we have begun to constantly monitor the main consumptions, in order to identify targeted actions for energy saving. The air conditioning system of the working environments is obtained with the circulation of fresh water under the floor, pumped from the subsoil and reused in the production processes.

At the office

All paper used in the office is 100% recycled. All printers are refillable inkjet (cis) printers, without cartridges.


We are constantly looking for solutions to minimize the environmental impact. Probably the new types of packaging and the drastic reduction of paper documentation may have caused some resistance, but we expect any useful suggestions to improve our commitment.

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