Only a systematic search for innovative and sustainable solutions allows us to always guarantee superior and flexible solutions.

The center of the activities consists of an advanced research and development laboratory, for a continuous technical, chemical and mechanical evolution of the raw materials, and to experiment solutions capable of anticipating the needs of the market. The production is supported by plants and production processes constantly updated from a technological point of view, with continuous performance control for a high level of product quality.

Research and materials

The in-depth study of the characteristics of each alloy allows us to select the best solution, whether it is a biomedical component, a watch case, a fuell-cell plate or the hinge of an eyewear.
And so on without limiting the creativity of the designers. VMM 3.jpg


Design and assistance

Every detail is reproduced in virtual reality and carefully analyzed before processing, often proposing improvements to the customer.
We carefully evaluate the placement of the component in the final product, to study together more efficient and convenient solutions.

Rapid prototyping

We have the most modern rapid prototyping techniques. Each project is always followed immediately by the preparation of a physical prototype, in stereolithography, photoengraving, electroforming or laser cutting, to reassess its characteristics or any defects, before launching production.

Quality check

Each production batch, even the smallest, follows a precise supply chain and the composition and origin of the raw material, as well as the absence of heavy metals, solvents or protective oils, can always be certified.
The new factory for the European market, in Romania, is achieving ISO 9001 certifications for quality management, ISO / IEC 27001 for the information security management system, ISO 14001 for the environmental management system.

Sustainability and the environment

No product can be considered of quality, if the whole chain is not able to guarantee the lowest possible values of emissions into the atmosphere and water pollution.
The majority of the activities of our laboratories have always been dedicated to the search for eco-sustainable solutions, from raw materials to consumables and packaging systems.


We are constantly looking for solutions to update our technologies and minimize environmental impact. We expect any useful suggestions to improve our commitment.