Brass, bronze and special bronzes, nickel silver, aluminum, titanium, standard, harmonic and stainless steels, for prototypes and production

For every type of object and sector of application (eyewear, micromechanics, musical instruments, model making, art objects, goldsmith's, biomedical and other) we have a range of over thirty metal alloys available, to faithfully reproduce every single detail with thicknesses starting from 0.05 mm and with hardness from 60 to over 400 Vickers.

Materials for every need

Choose the suitable alloy, in the datasheets section there are technical and information sheets relating to the characteristics, tolerances and design.


Alloy Composition Features Hardness (HV) Color Photo
Lasercut Electro
Aluminum 99% AL99 corrosion resistance gray

anticorodal AlMgSi1 excellent anodizing gray

Aluminum AlZn5,5MgCu corrosion

Brass 63 CuZn37 good corrosion resistance 55-190 yellow / gold

Brass 82 Cu82Zn18 excellent surface quality 90-190 yellow / gold

Copper Cu99 excellent conductivity 55-90 rose / red

Bronze CuSn10 good springiness 160-190 rose / red

Bronze phosphorus CuSn6 excellent conductivity 190-210 rose / red

Nickel Silver 10 CuNi10 good corrosion resistance white / gray

Nickel Silver 12 CuNi12 good corrosion resistance white / gray  

Nickel Silver 15 CuNi15 good corrosion resistance white / gray  

Nickel Silver 18 CuNi18Zn20 good corrosion resistance 90-190 silvery

Copper Beryllium Cu98 Be2


90 ÷ 380 Roses / copper

AISI301 EN1.4310 CrNi18-8 stainless steel, magnetic ≥ 450 gray

AISI304 EN1.4301 CrNi18-10 stainless steel, amagnetic 150-300 matt / mirror

AISI316 EN1.4401 CrNiMo18-14-3 stainless steel, amagnetic 190-400 gray

AISI430 EN1.4016 Cr17 ferritic, magnetic matt / mirror

C100 Low carbon excellent flexibility 370 - 630 gray

Sandvick 7C27Mo2 good formability 265-315 gray

Nickel Ni99 self-adhesive silver bright

Ni + Electrophoretic Ni99 self-adhesive all the colors

Incredible details

Reproduce any project in metal in a few days. Build functional prototypes with the same characteristics as a series production.


Unleash your creativity

Precision parts, for prototypes, pre-series or production, in any metal. Can't find the features you need?
Call us and we will help you find the right solution.


Information sheets

 Photoetching - Sizes and tolerances
 Photoetching - Material properties
 Photoetching - Vectorial drawing
 Photoetching - Illustrated drawing

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Metals and Msds

 BRASS CuZn37 - data sheet
 NICHEL SILVER Ni18 - data sheet
 AISI 301- data sheet
 AISI 316L - data sheet

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