An innovative technique to finely reproduce any design by galvanic deposition up to 0.10 mm thick

Logos, decorations, labels or electronics components in metal, shiny and subtle, choosing from surprising colors. Self-adhesive and flexible to be easily applied on any surface.

Fantastic colors

The revolutionary cataphoresis coloring process allows you to choose from many different shades, from bright silver to pastel colors.


Ready to use!

Lift the transparent protection and easily place your adhesive element. A quick pass with a clean cloth to improve adhesion, and the job is done.


Poison-free chemistry

The whole process of pretreatment, galvanic deposition and coloring is completely free of cyanides, nitrates and fluorine.

eco friendly


Information sheets

 Photoetching - Sizes and tolerances
 Photoetching - Material properties
 Photoetching - Vectorial drawing
 Photoetching - Illustrated drawing

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Metals and Msds

 BRASS CuZn37 - data sheet
 NICHEL SILVER Ni18 - data sheet
 AISI 301- data sheet
 AISI 316L - data sheet

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