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If you cannot find the material you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us. Our warehouse is continuously supplied and we can look for special alloys for any need. Do you already have the metal you need at home? Contact us to find out if you can work it.

Aluminum 99%AL99Plate * 
ErgalAlZn5,5MgCuPlate * 
Brass 63CuZn37Coil 330
Brass 63CuZn37Plate *  * *
Brass 82Cu82Zn18Drops✔ casting
CupperCu99Coil 330           
Bronze phosph.CuSn6Coil 300
Bronze 10CuSn10Drops✔ casting  
Nickel Silver 10CuNi10Drops✔ casting  
Nickel Silver 12CuNi12Drops✔ casting  
Nickel Silver 15CuNi15Drops✔ casting  
Nickel Silver 18CuNi18Zn20Coil 300
Copper BerylliumCu98 Be2Coil 200
Copper BerylliumCu98 Be2Drops✔ casting
AISI 301 EN1.4310Cr8Ni8Coil 300
AISI 304 EN1.4301Cr18Ni10Plate *✔ *✔ *✔ *
AISI316 EN1.4401Cr18Ni14Mo3Coil 300
AISI316 EN1.4401Cr18Ni14Mo3Plate *
AISI430 EN1.4016Cr17Plate *✔ *✔ *✔ *
Sandvick 7C27Coil 300
Nickel + colorNi99100x300

Sizes = all dimensions are in mm
Plate = 250, 330 and 500 mm cuts for the desired length (max 800 mm)
Coil = cut indicated for the desired length (max 800 mm)

Information sheets

 Photoetching - Sizes and tolerances
 Photoetching - Material properties
 Photoetching - Vectorial drawing
 Photoetching - Illustrated drawing

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Metals and Msds

 BRASS CuZn37 - data sheet
 NICHEL SILVER Ni18 - data sheet
 AISI 301- data sheet
 AISI 316L - data sheet

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