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What is "chemical photoengraving"?

The chemical photoengraving or photo-cutting is a modern system for cutting and engraving with precision metal plates, even very thin ones, advantageously replacing traditional shearing and engraving operations. The drawing of the requested detail is processed by computer and then "photographed"...
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What is the lost wax investment casting?

Lost wax casting or "precision casting" is a particular technique for faithfully reproducing complicated metal parts, even very small ones, advantageously replacing long assembly operations. The original model is faithfully copied with special silicone elastomers and then reproduced in wax. In...
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How do you calculate the investment casting price?

You can check the cost of each component easily and immediately in the price section. You just have to calculate the volume of the parallelepiped that the piece can contain, i.e. maximum length, width and height.
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Do I have to pay VAT or other taxes?

Our components are manufactured and shipped from Romania, or within the European Community. > EU private customer, Romanian VAT currently applied at 19% > EU company customer, VAT exempt if with a valid intra-community VAT number > non-EU customer, VAT exempt Some non-EU countries apply...
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How much is shipping?

Shipping costs are always indicated on offers, confirmations and invoices. For shipments up to 3 kg these rates apply: Europe EU zone € 26.00 1/4 working days Europe outside the EU € 52.00 * 2/6 working days Rest of the world € 70.00 * 3/8 working days You can find more...
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What is the customer area and what does it contain?

In this reserved area you can access your products and designs, order history and much more at any time Can't log in or have you lost your credentials? Contact Us!
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I have lost my password .....

Don't worry, you can easily retrieve it from the Log in menu at the top right or contact us
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What kind of finish can I get from precision cast parts?

The parts are normally delivered with smooth surfaces, with an opaque satin finish, with a small residue from the injection channel. Copper alloys (brass, bronze and nickel silver) can be easily soldered with tin or welded with silver alloy, mirror polished with special abrasive wheels, or with...
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What materials can I use in precision casting?

Brass, bronze and special bronzes, nickel silver, beryllium copper, aluminum and precious metals, all free of lead and cadmium. The table of metals indicates the materials most commonly used among the over sixty alloys produced so far, but it is possible to compose special alloys on request.
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What materials can be used in photoengraving?

Brass, bronze and special bronzes, nickel silver, beryllium copper, aluminum, common, special and stainless steels. The slabs can have sizes starting from 100 x 300 mm up to 400 x 1000 mm, with thicknesses from 0.03 to 1.2 mm.
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What kind of finishing can I get for photoengraved pieces?

The parts are normally delivered "slab", with smooth, smooth-looking surfaces, with two small witnesses (attachments) easily removable. Copper alloys (brass, bronze and nickel silver) can be easily soldered with tin or welded with silver alloy, polished with special abrasive wheels, or with...
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What kind of components can I produce?

Components for metal glasses and embellishers for plastic glasses, parts for micromechanics and electronics, parts for fuel cells, special editions of precious objects, logos friezes and decorations, parts of fountain pens and watches, complicated mechanisms for musical instruments, details of...
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What do you need to make components?

A simple drawing on paper or in the following graphic formats: dwg, dxf (AutoCAD or other software that uses these formats), rhn (Rhinoceros), stl, igs, cdr (Coreldraw), ai (Illustrator), pdf, fh11, tiff, bmp, tga, eps and others. Sometimes a photograph can be enough, if accompanied by the most...
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Do molds cost a lot?

Our manufacturing processes do not need molds. For photoengraving and electroforming the plates are masked with a very high definition digital process (xmos). Even precision casting does not require traditional molds, but rather short-lasting rubber and ceramic matrices. At the beginning of...
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What minimum quantity can I order?

In photoengraving, only 4 plates (or all the pieces that these can contain). In precision casting, the minimum order is only 12 pieces per item. With laser cutting, the minimum quantity depends on the design and must be calculated. In electroforming, the minimum quantity is 20 adhesive sheets...
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How can I access my information?

You will receive your credentials along with the first offer, or you can sign up from the Login or Create an account menu in the upper right corner
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Can I pay with Paypal?

Sure! By selecting this payment method, you will be directed to the PayPal site where you will proceed to the payment. You can also use PayPal without creating an account. In fact, it is possible to pay, from time to time, by entering your data and those of your credit card. Even if you have...
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Can I pay with my credit card?

Sure! In order to ensure maximum security in the credit card payment system, Exella Europe srl uses secure payment systems by relying on Braintree Payments (Paypal group) and uses proven encryption techniques. The following credit cards are accepted: For more information visit the Shipping...
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How much does it cost to make my metal component?

Calculating the price of your component is now very easy! Enter the prices page and choose the size and the metal ... that's how much it will cost you! No need to register or wait. If then you want to receive a detailed offer, send us your drawings, photographs or models, and we will get back...
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How can I send you a large file?

Our emails support attachments up to 30mb. In the Customer Area> Upload File area of the site you can upload documents up to 100mb For larger files you can also use WeTransfer or GDrive, or ask us to activate a dedicated FTP access.
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I can't find the information I'm looking for, how can I contact you?

Write to or call us on 049 7962-210 Enter the contact section for more information.
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